Wastewater Treatment - Bactozym extensive range of technically advanced products includes a number of high performance “bio-packed” formulations. Our eco-friendly formulated products have been specifically developed for use in a wide range of municipal, commercial, industrial and process applications. Each of our biological formulations contains synergistic blends of selectively adapted non-pathogenic organisms, and high level of various enzyme producers.

Products Applications
Aerobic Waste Digester Waste Digester contains powerful waste digesting enzymes, essential nutrients and specifically selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria to degrade all the principle organic constituents normally found in industrial wastewater treatment facilities.
Reduces BOD, COD and SS in industrial wastewater treatment. Improves rapid recovery time from upsets.
Improves floc settling formation, thus prevent bulking sludge.
Improves waste degradation of specific target compounds.
Enable to absorb the shock of toxic influent.
Reduces colour and suspended solids
Helps in odor control 
Bio-degradation of Oil and Grease  for Sewer Lines/Sewage  Treatment  Biological product developed for the bio-augmentation of collection units and industrial grease traps to reduce oil and grease
Biological Odour & Sludge Control  Eco-friendly, non-chemical biological odour control agent and odor neutralizer developed specifically for use in hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities; and institutional, commercial and industrial environments.  
Septic Tanks, Odor control,  Reactivation and Maintenance  Biological and enzyme treatment product which has been specifically developed to improve and maintain the effective operation of septic tank systems. Biological product greatly assist with the maintenance, sludge reduction and also aid the bacteriological reactivation of septic tanks, help control obnoxious odor.
Compost activator Synergistically blend of natural beneficial microbes, vitamins, mirco and micro nutrients, amino acids, selected minerals and enzymes for both in degrading organic matter, and help speed up the natural compost processes effectively.

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