RO & Evaporator

Range of technically advanced water treatment chemicals for RO membrane cleaners, , membrane scale inhibitors, anti-foulants and evaporators .

Product Applications
Membrane Antiscalant Effective range of antiscalant developed specifically for RO membrane systems comprises a blend of highly effective antiscalants and dispersants for high Hardness, TDS feed waters.
Low Foaming Detergent for Removing Organics Advanced low foaming, biodegradable detergent developed for the removal of organic matter.
Specialty Membrane Cleaners Packaged type cleaning chemicals for the removal of inorganic, organic, metal ion and bio-fouling in RO membrane
Anti-Foulant Non-oxidizing type, online bio-fouling control and is fully compatible with the polyamide thin-film composite RO membrane. Control of biological growth in permeate and storage tank. Cleaning and removal of biofilm from membrane and pipe lines.
Evaporator Scale Control Polymeric antiscalant, extremely effective as scale inhibitor in evaporators operating with high hardness and TDS water. Enables the mill to extend the length of time between evaporator cleanings and substantially reduce the amount of chemicals required for such cleaning. The use of antiscalant reduces energy consumption and maintains uniform recovery.
Defoamer/Antifoam General purpose water based antifoam comprising a mixture of surface actives agents and can be used for waste water process applications for example, textiles and automotive, evaporator,as well as numerous other applications.
De-odorizer & Sanitizer Advanced oxidization product to control odor and destroy all types of microorganisms. Used in potable water treatment, RO pretreatment, water storage tanks, on line cleaning and post STP treatment.

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